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A series of Professional workshops for artists that take place one Saturday a month. Each workshop is scheduled to have different presenters that are artists and other influential community members.

The next series of Professional Workshops will start in the New Year, so keep a eye out!

2014 Workshops

Photographing Your Artwork

This workshop covered every aspect of documenting your collections with photography. Learn how to properly size, submit, save, and edit your photographed artworks.  As an artist it is important to have good quality images of your work.
Presenter: Helen Hoffelt

Social Media

This workshop discussed social media etiquette and how to properly market your-self as an individual artist. It covered social media platforms and how to use these devices to best suit you and your art.  
Presenters: Jeff Regensburger, Donna Estep, and Walter Herrmann

CV/ Resume and Submissions

This workshop is hands on, so make sure to bring a digital copy of your CV and/or Resume. Artist learned the proper way to construct a CV and Resume, as well as the difference between the two. This workshop took the time to go into detail on how to properly submit a proposal or submission to an exhibition.
Presenters: Julie Abijanac and Esther Hall

Contract Writing

This workshop covered the do's and don’ts of artists contract writing. What artists should expect when receiving artist contracts, as well as what to expect when writing a proposal.
Presenters: Julie Abijanac and Ann Hancock

Ready to Hang/Framing

Artists learned how to build and make your own frames and what different types of hanging techniques and hardware are out there. Learn what materials are needed to build frames and hangings for artwork.  Learn how to properly hang different types of artworks, as well as what it means to 'be ready to hang'.
Presenter: Cathy Bell-Smith

Panel Discussion

A standard Q&A style discussion where all presenters from the individual workshop will come together to answer any questions and hold an informative wrap up discussion.
Presenters: Julie Abijanac, Jeff Regensburger, and Walter Herrmann

Professionalism as an Artist

This workshop discussed how to present your-self professionally as an artist. Professionalism is important no matter what your profession. Honesty, accountability, responsibility, punctuality, integrity are just a few things that all artists should be aware of as a professional. This workshop pin-pointed all the qualities and practices that you should have when presenting your-self as an artist. 
Presenters: Amy Leibrand and Walter Herrmann

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