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May 2022

Spring Juried Exhibition

 Opening Reception - May 28th 1-4pm

Pennington Custom Art Service

3047 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43202

We are excited to bring the 2022 Spring Juried Exhibition back to an in-person exhibition with the help of

Pennington Custom Art Service. 

The exhibition will feature approximately 100 works by members from all over the state. We will be announcing exhibition prizes and releasing the juror's statement later this month on our website and through social media. Check back for more information in the coming weeks.

The show features a soft opening as of May 14th and we invite OAL members to visit the show, take photos of the work, and promote the exhibition online during that time. 

Ohio Art League Communication Information

We are adding a friendly message to this month's newsletter concerning the outlets that are used for communication with Ohio Art League to help better serve members of the League.

Email :

The preferred email address to contact Ohio Art league is OAL@OAL.ORG . The majority of emails will come to members from this address but may occasionally have a board of trustees personal address attached. Please use for all communication with the organization to avoid delays in responses.

It has come to our attention that with updates to email clients it might be necessary for members to add "" to a  safe list in their email  settings.

Thread for Apple Users

Gmail Users


You can also search "add safe email (insert email client name, EX Yahoo, DreamHost)


Please send all physical mail P.O. Box 12324 - Columbus, OH 43212.

If you have have a large item to ship to the organization for an exhibition or any other reason please email prior to shipping


The Ohio Art League does not currently operate an inbound telephone service. Please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible. If you prefer a response by phone, please notate that and we will call you back.

Social Media:

It is possible to reach to the Ohio Art league social media team through various apps and messenger services. This a is a volunteer team, please be patient with responses and courteous of sending messages during typical business hours. Ohio Art league is a volunteer and member run organization, so we encourage any member who has an issue with their social media accounts to proactively work with that application's troubleshooting protocols to remedy the situation.

Kirsta  Benedetti

Kirsta's work is now on view at the Gateway to the Arts.

Learn more about and see examples of her work on the

Gateway to the Arts Page

OAL Tonight!

May 18th, 2022


Online Zoom Meeting

Click the link above to join the meeting or you can find it shared on our Facebook page.

Online meeting information can be found below. Click the link or use one of the phone numbers to call into the event.

The May OAL Tonight will focus on the Spring Juried Exhibition. We hope to have a preview of the show available with additional details about the opening reception.

If you have not used Zoom you can download a mobile app for your device:

Android Mobile App

Apple Mobile App

Non-members are welcome.

OAL Featured Artist

Eric Mize

As one of the award-wining artists from the Fall 2021 Juried Exhibition, we are proud to showcase Eric as the OAL Featured Artist for March and April.

Find links, images, and more on our

Featured Artist Page

CHeck out this month's

featured artist directory Portfolios

To be selected to be featured in the newsletter and on the OAL social media channels, make sure you are a member and you have created a free image gallery under your user profile.



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