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by Roger Williams

Roger Williams is an internationally celebrated artist from Columbus, OH. He studied Fine Art at Ohio State University and graduated from Columbus College of Arts & Design. His work is listed in collections of art museums, universities and public displays in United States and worldwide. 

As a deconstructionist, Roger is well-recognized for his large-scale paintings where he explores deconstructivism as a form of semiotic analysis. The artist’s inspiration for his unique style originated from his interest in art, technology and science. His subjects are portraits, anime, hip-hop images and pop surreal.  Roger’s inventive compositions are filled with cosmic energy that will spiral you into the infinite space. His complex designs reveal a sense of mathematical explosion that is both chaotic and structured. Intricate and vibrant… Roger’s work is in many ways an allegory of our time.

I always had my eye on the prize—the prize being to invent original art, near or over the contemporary edge, in the world arena and to be recognized for it. That’s the hardest thing to do. I am a postmodernist artist turned deconstructionist. I returned to Columbus in 1989 and began deconstructing postmodern art in the same way I see Frank Gehry deconstructing architecture. The techniques that I use are articulated formal. The large canvases have irreverent overlaps—layering and transparencies. I make a large number of straight edges, cut out to get formal lines. Mohair rollers are used to lay down translucent glazes. Most of my paintings are large and without frames. Deconstructionist art is an uncrowded art field in Columbus. I am the only one here doing it and have gotten some success. I also wanted to do large murals around Columbus, and I’ve able to paint eight so far. I ended up deconstructing characters and events of the present to define the decade.

Roger Williams    painter

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