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Featured Artist

Eric Mize

So much of our ever-more-digital lifestyle drains us. My goal is to create visuals that nourish and enrich.  We visit a special place, get lost in a live performance, or savor a barista’s cup for the transformative joy it brings.  In the same way, I crave the privilege to enrich lives with compelling images.

I delight in representational oil painting with just the right level of abstraction and value that school of artists that are bringing into the 21st century what started with Sargent.  My first series of paintings reflect the growth in my global view as a result of exploring tangible connections with people that inhabit the developing world.  You’ll find those paintings in the Neighbors portfolio.

I’m currently working on a new series.  You’ll find those in the DeLovely portfolio.  I don’t know entirely what salient themes that collection will ultimately reflect.  But, I know I’d like to offer something that heals - a communicative moment that reminds us of shared wonder - something we can all celebrate regardless of our differences. 

Eric has completed some structured classroom and studio instruction as well as atelier-style instruction from a master in contemporary oils.  His work is currently on display at Central Ohio Vision Care in New Albany and is also available for purchase at Sunbear Studio and Gallery on Main street in Westerville

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About the “Neighbors” collection

Sales of works from this series are donated to associated non-profits for each work.

Throughout much of the world, the glory of a given culture often stands in disturbing contrast to the plight of its people. So much depends on one’s eye in finding tragedy or finding wonder to celebrate. 

This dissonance is at the core of my “Neighbors” series.

The impetus for this collection came after painting an image from India with all its color and joy.  But the subject also stirred a lament for the human experience at ground level there.  Life in the streets. So many orphans. So many at risk. It all felt overwhelming - and this was just one - one noble human life. Where was she now? What could I do? 

What can any one person do?

And so a theme emerged.  I was led to do more paintings, dive into more cultures, and explore this bizarre balance between desperation and dignity. 

The subject of each painting in this series is an individual person representing a particular “at-risk” people group. In the statement beside each piece, you will find information about one nonprofit organization seeking to engage and assist that particular group. Most organizations meet basic needs or do development work, while others seek to end injustice, provide medical care or address spiritual needs. 

I have a personal connection to many of the organizations, so, naturally, some of the agencies reflect my own convictions. But this is a venue for everyone, regardless of background or interest.  Each piece celebrates the uniqueness and wonder of the culture, while also drawing attention to the dilemmas.   

Providing viewers with an opportunity to engage in some way is essential to the show. Each piece is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going directly to the associated nonprofit. But, for most, this is an opportunity to reflect, dialogue, and connect with information to consider later. 

Engage at your own pace—we hope the experience will be a bit transformative.





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