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OAL Artist of GateWay

Said Olajedo-Lawal

Here My Victories

Artist Bio

I am originally from the western part Nigeria and first amongst five children; I moved to the United States in the year 2009 with my wife and two kids.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic design from the Art institutes of Pittsburgh 2012 and a degree in painting from the prestigious Yaba college of Technology Lagos, Nigeria 1995.

Painting has been my passion for a long time since my early childhood and I should say it is a matter of being inspired by my late Father who was an industrial painter with sharp design abilities.

My journey through art so far has taken me through many of the media available for use starting with oil and moving on to watercolor, pastel and now acrylic.

My art is a glimpse into my soul and it shares what my joy, peace and aspirations are. I paint from the encounters of my daily affairs .

My themes are such that explore the hidden part of our daily lives, such emotions and feelings which we mostly think are mundane but are the essence of who we are.

I show music, dance and the feelings associated with them as well as other intriguing intricacies of life

My colors are Fauvist in outlook and my presentation is often classified as that of an impressionist artist . Classify me however you wish, I like to make my colors bring nostalgic and deep emotions out of your encounter with my paintings. I want you to walk away feeling deeply about the theme yet doing so with vibrant colors that make your dialogue with my art worth your while.

Exhibition Statement

The last year has seen all of us cocooned in our little world as we were compelled to stay home and keep our circle of interactions limited . There has been a lot of lose of property , life style and life.

Like the phoenix it is time to rise and shine sharing experiences of how we survived and what we have learnt during the Covid impasse.

This is a show that will retrospect and also look forward concerning the last year. It will show the emotion we navigated and the inevitability that we have come to term with.

Royal Polo

Here My Strum





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