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April and May

Ohio Parks and Preserves

Artist Statement

Jennifer Sowders was introduced to plein air painting in 2018 and painted with a group at locations within the Ohio Hancock Parks District. After covid lockdowns shut down group outings, Jennifer retreated to the studio and began to use her photos from Ohio parks/preserves as reference for paintings. Not having to haul painting gear out into nature enabled her to experiment with methods/mediums not traditionally used in plein air painting like acrylics or watercolor on Yupo (a synthetic non-absorbent paper). Her artwork connected with park enthusiasts on social media, as places that they too, identified with and loved. Since then, she has never quit her deep appreciation for what she deems as “...scenes that make me forget my troubles and feel ‘enveloped', even if just for a moment.”

All works presented are specific to Parks and Nature Preserves in Ohio; places that anyone traveling through the John Glenn Columbus International Airport would have complete access to enjoy.

A Google map of all of the locations can be found here so that you can enjoy the very spots that she found inspiration

Click here to see each work with a corresponding map of the inspirational location



Jennifer Sowders is a 1994 BFA graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design. She lives on her rural childhood farm in Fostoria OH; where she creates midwestern genre inspired themes as well as her nature-inspired work that revolves around a dance of light and shadow and it's own sense of invitation to explore. Jennifer enjoys creating impressionistic landscapes in acrylic using palette knives or conversely, via watercolor on Yupo.

Her most recent honors are 2 special purchase awards by the Ohio Arts Council at the OSU State Fair's 2022 Fine Arts Exhibition and an Honorable Mention in the Fall 2022

Artists Magazine’s “AcrylicWorks 9 : The Best of Acrylic”.

She is represented by the Toledo Museum of Art’s Collector Corner.

Shipping is not included in prices. Please reach out for shipping information.

Shipping is not included in prices. Please reach out for shipping information.



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