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OAL Artist of the Month

Rose Klockner

As a native of Ohio, I have made Exploring the Beauty of Ohio and Beyond the heart of my photography. My passion for nature photography, both landscapes, and close-ups, along with additional interests in urban exploration and rural living often leads to long weekends on the gravel backroads of Ohio, or more recently, further destinations. 

It is my desire that my images connect to the viewer, reminding them of their childhood vacation spot at a lake, an unexpected view of a favorite park, or a road whose twists and turns beckons them into the far horizon as it did me. I hope the viewer finds their story in my images as well as sharing in mine. The exclamation of “That’s Ohio?” never gets old and I love being able to share places of unexpected beauty that I’ve explored. My work has shifted this last several years to include more black and white prints, as the textures and subtle details of nature present themselves more readily in monochrome. I'm also exploring series of photographs within a specific theme, including an Inclement Seasons series which focuses on the beauty of bad weather, but with subjects and titles that often hint that there is beauty to be found in the inclement seasons of our lives.

Growing up in rural northwest Ohio, I moved to Columbus to go to college to become a software developer, which is still my full-time career. While I had been taking pictures all my life, I did not begin to see myself as a creative person until about ten years ago when a desire to take better photos led to taking classes and more practice until I found myself immersed in photography as much as I could. By 2016, photography became my main creative pursuit and a side career. I also feel that as a creative outlet it improves my software development career. Photography is also my form of art therapy. I have come to realize that I used photography to work through the death of parents (within 5 months of each other) and other rough spots over the last ten years. When 2019 brought a serious cancer diagnosis, the ability to still get out and make photos and pursuing shows to share my work became a way to motivate and improve my health when treatments knock me down. 

While I passionately believe the camera is not the main ingredient in a great photo, dependable equipment is important. I use the Fuji X system, currently the X-T1 and several Fuji XF series lenses. Their system fits my needs and delivers the quality photos I need to make my images.

Rose's Current and Upcoming Exhibitions: 

Shows at the Innis House (Inniswood Metro Gardens) and the McGraw-Hill Art Gallery were either scheduled or in the process of being scheduled for 2020 when the COVID-19 lockdowns occurred. These shows are on hold, at this point, but I am still on their lists. 

 Title And Then the Storm Passed

  Price $245

  Size 16x20

Scioto Audubon Metro Park, Columbus

The evening this was taken started out pouring down rain. My photography group stood around under umbrellas or hunkered down in our cars waiting to see if it would pass. One by one photographers left, but convinced by the weather radar  a few hardy photographers waited…

And we were rewarded, the sky lit up all colors of pink after most of the storm  was passed giving us a beautiful sunset. Reflections in the windows and wet wood make me now reflect that we need to weather the storms of life the way   the photographers did that night. In my own life, a battle with cancer this year   has been my storm and while I may not be at the point of And then Storm Passed, I am not Still In Winter’s Grasp and looking forward to a Brightening Day.

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