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December - January

Music in the Garden:

Brittany Cosgrove

Artist Statement

Brittany Cosgrove is a Columbus-based artist, muralist, teacher, and musician. Beginning her creative journey at an early age, Brittany’s passion for creating moved her to explore and excel in a wide array of 2D and 3D media, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, and sewing. Her love of music is also a major part of her life- she has performed in various jazz bands, wind ensembles, and pit orchestras for operas and musicals. She has a Master’s in Music Performance from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s in Music Performance from Otterbein University.

Brittany has honed her skills in acrylic painting over the past few years, propelling her from an artistic hobbyist to professional artist. Her paintings often feature musical instruments, plants, and animals, and are celebrated for their vibrant colors and realistic detail. Inspired by her musical background and her love of nature, Brittany infuses her works with a sense of vitality and movement. Brittany enjoys live painting for events, teaching painting classes, and teaching music lessons.

“Music in the Garden is a collection of my artwork aimed at capturing aspects of movement, sound, and the beauty of the natural world around us. I am often listening to music while painting, allowing the music to influence the colors, lines, and textures I create. I enjoy painting with vibrantly colored acrylics. Multiple thin layers of paint applied with brush, palette knife, and pen create the depth and textures within my work. The realistic aspect in my art shows the beauty of the subject in full detail, while the abstract elements represent sound and movement. My “Live Jazz” pieces included in this collection were created at live music events in Columbus, while musicians played on stage. These spontaneous paintings reflect the musicians, instruments, and composers who created the music.”

Image of Brittany Cosgrove painting three guitars.  The painting is on a wooden easel.

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