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OAL Artist of GateWay

Jordanne Renner


Artist. Educator. Traveler. Creative.

Jordanne Renner is an artist that works across many platforms including large format film photography, figurative sculpture, mural paintings, public art & installation, and the repurposing of materials for social engagements & fundraising affairs. She considers photography as an extension of her Self, which is an ongoing photographic investigation for her since 2000. Jordanne also explores topics in the culture of place, the body and landscape, and the psychology of memory.

She earned her BFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in 2003, and her MFA in Studio Arts/Photography from The Ohio State University in 2010. Jordanne is a recipient of an Edwin Austin Abbey Mural Fellowship (2009), a Puffin Foundation Grant (2015), a Greater Columbus Arts Council Individual Artist Grant (2020), a Big Ideas Grant (2020), and two FotoFocus Biennial Grants (2020).

Jordanne believes in giving back to the community, and is regularly involved with initiatives dismantling food deserts, supporting social justice, education, and arts outreach. Since 2008 she has served on the DC Council for the Wexner Center for the Arts while also professing art and photography as adjunct faculty. She is also a member of the Board of Directors with the Society for Photographic Education, and most recently established the WE, the Women’s Caucus exhibition opportunity. 

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Wanderlust runs heavy in my veins. Typically those hustling through the CMH terminals share a similar love affair with travels near and afar. 

"Window Seat" began as a collection of aerial views from airplane window seats that artist JordanneRenner began translating into mixed media paintings at the end of 2019, upon her return from a few months trekking in Iceland. This series is her interpretation of a traveler’s vision and memory in-flight. 

For this specific installation of the works, “Window Seat”

is comprised of 42 framed mixed media painted renderings and are hung in the gallery corridor to liken the most flown plane out of the John Glenn International Airport- the Embraer 175, and are presented to mimic the layout of the passenger jet. This ties in beautifully with the corridor passengers are traveling through to get to their final destination while offering an interesting and fond glimpse of window seat visions they too have possibly witnessed and shared.

As travelers, we all have unique experiences locally and

at great distances, however many of us visually witness the same space/place, but will remember it differently. Rather than sharing shiny magazine-like, travel photographs, this series allows the viewer to be transported through each brush stroke, mixed color, and gesture that lands on the paper.






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